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Chinese Pirates to Get Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Are you located in China, running a pirate version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 but fancy a shiny new version of Windows 10 instead? Well, your luck is in as Microsoft says it will give even the most piratical of Chinese users an upgrade copy of its next operating…

Pirated Teaching Materials Threaten Health of China’s Youth

China's Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications Office has booked a huge victory by preventing the country's youth from accessing more than 4 million copies of pirated teaching materials. According to the vice director of the office, such materials "harm the healthy development of the country's youth."

Chinese Authorities Shut Down BitTorrent Sites

During the last two years the Chinese government has taken an aggressive stance against video sites they claim damage children's health or undermine national security. In the last month they have taken further action, this time taking down several BitTorrent sites for operating without an appropriate government license.

China Hijacks Popular BitTorrent Sites

China is not new to censoring the Internet, but up until now, BitTorrent sites have never been blocked. Recently however, several reports came in from China, indicating that popular BitTorrent sites such as Mininova, isoHunt and The Pirate Bay had been hijacked. The sites became inaccessible, instead redirecting to the…

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