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Universal Music Hijacks YouTube Videos of Indie Artist

Universal Music Group has hijacked several YouTube videos of Bjorn Lynne, an independent musician from Norway. The world's largest music corporation is now running advertisements on videos of music tracks Lynne created, and is refusing to correct the mistake.

YouTuber Sues Google, Viacom Over Content ID Takedowns

An angry YouTuber says he has had enough of the way YouTube handles the DMCA and allegations of copyright infringement. In a lawsuit filed against Google, Viacom and Lionsgate, Benjamin Ligeri complains of restrictive practices which favor copyright holders using YouTube's Content ID system, even when claims are invalid.

Russia’s Facebook Prepares YouTube-Style Anti-Piracy Filter

According to the United States government and some of the world's most powerful entertainment companies, Russian Facebook equivalent vKontakte is one of the Internet's largest sources of piracy. However, the social networking giant now appears to be listening, with reports that the company will install YouTube-style music and video fingerprinting…

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