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Who Stands to Win & Lose After Cox’s Piracy Defeat?

On Thursday, United States ISP Cox Communications was found liable after it failed to disconnect subscribers it knew had committed several copyright infringements. Although an appeal could be on the way, who will benefit from the ruling and how is it likely to affect the piracy landscape?

Rightscorp Threatens Every ISP in the United States

Following a court win by its client BMG over Cox Communications this week, Rightscorp has issued an unprecedented warning to every ISP in the United States today. Boasting a five-year trove of infringement data against Internet users, Rightscorp warned ISPs that they can either cooperate or face the consequences.

Widespread Protest Against Dangerous “Repeat Infringer” Piracy Verdict

A broad range of industry associations, academic institutions, libraries and digital rights groups have submitted their opinions on the landmark piracy case between Cox Communications and BMG. They all warn the court that the district court's decision to hold the ISP available for pirating subscribers can have disastrous implications.

RIAA and MPAA Back $25 Million Piracy Verdict Against Cox

Several entertainment industry associations including the MPAA and RIAA have submitted their opinions in the landmark piracy case between Cox Communications and BMG. Contrary to telecom industry and digital rights groups, they argue that the District Court made the right decision by holding the ISP responsible for pirating subscribers.

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