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23,322 Expendables Downloaders Accused in BitTorrent’s Biggest Lawsuit

A massive list of 23,322 U.S. Internet users are expected to receive a settlement letter in which they are accused of illegally downloading The Expendables on BitTorrent. The defendants are part of the largest file-sharing related lawsuit in history, through which the film studio Nu Image hopes to recoup tens…

23,238 Alleged ‘Expendables’ Downloaders Walk Free

What was once touted as the biggest file-sharing lawsuit in history has now been decimated following a decision from the U.S. District Court of Columbia. Judge Robert Wilkins ruled that well over 99 percent of the original 23,322 alleged infringers can not be chased down by the makers of The…

LionsGate Wants Pirate Sites to Pay for Expendables Leak

Movie studio LionsGate has asked a federal court to issue a default judgment against the alleged operators of several file-sharing sites for their role in distributing the Expendables 3 leak. The studio demands the maximum statutory damages from several defendants, including the operator of LimeTorrents.

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