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Cyberlocker Ecosystem Shocked As Big Players Take Drastic Action

In the wake of last week's Megaupload shutdown, some of the biggest names in the market are taking drastic action. During the last 48 hours many sites have completely withdrawn their systems for paying uploaders when their files are shared with others, but one of the most dramatic moves came…

MPAA Targets Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles

It is no secret that the MPAA was a main facilitators of the criminal investigation against Megaupload. But while the movie studios have praised the actions of the US Government, they are not satisfied yet. Paramount Pictures' vice president for worldwide content protection identified Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles…

FileServe Hit With $1,000,000 Movie Piracy Lawsuit

File-hosting service FileServe has been sued by the production company behind the independent movie American Cowslip. In a lawsuit filed at a federal court in California the movie producers accuse FileServe of several copyright infringement related charges and are demanding more than a million dollars in damages.

Movie Studio Wants $869k From FileServe to Compensate Piracy Losses

The makers of the independent movie American Cowslip are demanding $869,000 in piracy damages from file-hosting service FileServe. The movie company filed a lawsuit last year and is now moving for a default judgment due to a lack of response from the cyberlocker. According to American Cowslip's producer, piracy is…

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