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O2 / BE Customers: All You Need To Handle A Ben Dover File-Sharing Letter

Last weekend customers of ISPs O2 and BE began receiving notifications that their accounts had been used for illicit file-sharing. The claims originate from Golden Eye International who are connected to the famous porn outfit Ben Dover. Very soon they will drop so-called "letters of claim" through customers' letter boxes,…

Despite High Court Intervention, Copyright Trolls Continue Where ACS:Law Left Off

After the ACS:Law file-sharing debacle sparked massive controversy across the UK it was decided that never again would entertainment companies be allowed to go down the same path. However, despite High Court intervention which placed limits on how alleged copyright infringers could be handled by rightsholders, there are signs that…

No Copyright Trolls, Your Evidence Isn’t Flawless

If you get a letter through the post accusing you of Internet piracy, you must be guilty. That's the message from most copyright trolls and infuriatingly, even some 'neutral' lawyers commenting on these cases. But while it might seem daunting, putting up a fight is not only the right thing…

Sky Users Receive Porn Piracy Threats in Time For Christmas

After being alerted by Sky last month, customers of the UK broadband provider are now receiving letters accusing them of Internet piracy. Letters obtained by TorrentFreak reveal porn outfit Golden Eye accusing account holders of copyright infringement but noting that they might not actually be to blame.

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