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Piracy Concerns May Soon Kill Domain Name Privacy

Several organizations including domain name registrar Namecheap are asking the public to protest a new ICANN proposal that will ban private domain name registrations. The proposal was heavily lobbied for by various copyright holder groups, who want to make it easier to expose pirate site operators.

Public Revolts Against Plan to Kill Domain Name Privacy

More than 11,000 people are protesting a proposal which may ban private domain name registrations for millions of websites. The changes would make it easier to identify owners of pirate sites, but the commenters warn that this may have disastrous consequences.

Music Industry Demands Action Against “Pirate” Domain Names

Pressure is mounting on companies that provide domain name services to alleged pirate sites. Following in the footsteps of Hollywood and the U.S. Government, the music industry is now demanding strict anti-piracy measures. The EFF, however, notes that companies are not obliged to take action without a valid court order.

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