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Indiana Gregg to The Pirate Bay: The Internet Police Are Coming

A little while ago we wrote about the exchange of emails between artist Indiana Gregg and The Pirate Bay. Indiana wanted The Pirate Bay to remove torrents linking to her work, which they refused to do. Now Indiana has a response for The Pirate Bay and file-sharers in general. It…

Don’t Humiliate Yourself Complaining to The Pirate Bay

The 'legal threats' section of The Pirate Bay is where record labels, movie companies, software house and general anti-pirates have their complaints posted after the staff on the site have ridiculed them. A new set of complaints has appeared in the last few days - some of the most cringe-worthy…

Disaster! No One Pirates Or Downloads Our Music For Free

In the eyes of many artists and record labels, being heavily pirated is just about the worse thing that could happen. But what if there was a worse fate, one where people don’t feel the desire to pirate your music at all? What if you make your music available for…

Does BuckCherry Think The BitTorrent Community is Stupid?

Some artists, bands and labels claim that their lives are ruined by their material being available on P2P networks. BuckCherry are complaining that a track from their latest album has leaked to BitTorrent. How do they complain? Via an Atlantic Records press release. I smell a rather large free-publicity rat.

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