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ISP Boss Criticizes Calls to Criminalize File-Sharers

The boss of a prominent ISP in Sweden has criticized moves by the government which could criminalize hundreds of thousands of Internet users. Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung says the country is stuck in the past when it calls for harsher punishments for file-sharing and should instead concentrate on developing better…

Hollywood Commissioned Tough Jail Sentences for Online Piracy, ISP Says

The owner of ISP Bahnhof has criticized new proposals currently under consideration by the Swedish government. The new rules, which envision copyright infringers going to prison for up to six years, are said to be needed to bring Sweden into line with other EU countries. However, according to Bahnhof chief…

ISP: Piracy Extortion Letters Are Easy to Thwart Without Logs

Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof is a fierce opponent of so-called copyright trolling efforts. Where other ISPs have shared the personal details of allegedly pirating subscribers, Bahnhof hasn't, simply because it keeps limited logs. The company's CEO wants to know why other ISPs aren't following suit.

ISP Faces ‘Net Neutrality’ Investigation For Pirate Site Blocking Retaliation

After being ordered to block a number of piracy-related domains following a complaint from academic publisher Elsevier, Swedish ISP Bahnhof retaliated by semi-blocking Elsevier's own website and barring the court from visiting Bahnhof.se. Those actions have now prompted Sweden's telecoms watchdog to initiate an inquiry to determine whether the ISP…

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