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Filesharing does not hurt the record industry

The CRIA (Canadian Record Industry Association) did a study on the effects of downloading on record sales. Interestingly enough, they found that downloaders buy more music that non-downloaders. Michael Geist went through the complete study report and concluded: In summary, CRIA’s own research now concludes that P2P downloading constitutes less…

Michael Geist Interview

Michael Geist’s interpretation of a recent study on how downloading affects the music bussiness caused quite some controversy. Geist concluded from the study that filesharing does not hurt the record industry. P2Pnet interviewed Geist, they discuss several p2p related issues and it seems that Geist is a fan of BitTorrent.…

30 Days of DRM

Canada may be facing its own DMCA according to Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa. And, “given the strength of the copyright lobby, we may need protection from the next copyright bill,” he says. With that in mind, tomorrow Giest launches…

Canadian ISP Bell Calls For Pirate Site Blacklist in NAFTA Hearing

In order to make the NAFTA trade agreement "work better", Bell, Canada's largest telecommunications company, is recommending that the Government commits to stronger intellectual property enforcement. The company envisions a system where all ISPs are required to block access to pirate sites, without court intervention.

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