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Newzbin2 Uses TOR To Kill Domain Blocking Before It Even Happens

Last year the MPAA took legal action against UK ISP BT in an attempt to force it to block the domain of Usenet indexing site Newzbin2. While the government and its communications watchdog run around trying to find out if effective site blocking is feasible, Newzbin2 have just taken steps…

Hollywood Won’t Get Piracy Profits From Usenet Site, High Court Rules

A UK High Court ruling has just handed Hollywood a defeat in a battle against a now-defunct file-sharing site. The MPA argued that when Usenet indexing site Newzbin2 generated profits from piracy, that money should be handed over to the studios. The MPA argued that copyright infringement is theft but…

Usenet Indexer Prepares For MPAA High Court Battle

In May 2008, Newzbin - considered by many to be the Internet’s premier indexer and .NZB provider - announced it was under legal threat from the MPA, the MPAA's worldwide big brother. On Monday next week, the copyright infringement showdown in London's High Court begins.

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