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QuebecTorrent Clone Outmanoeuvres Music Industry

Just days after the QuebecTorrent BitTorrent tracker was taken down by an injunction in a blaze of publicity, a near identical clone of the 108,000+ member tracker has appeared out of nowhere. Allegedly the product of the old team, Torrent411.com is up and running with 109,000+ members - and counting.

Pivotal Canadian BitTorrent Showdown Looming

In three months time, the Canadian music, movie and TV industries will unleash their combined legal might on a little known BitTorrent tracker. A true David and Goliath battle, the QuebecTorrent case is one that Michael Geist says is "worth watching", and will have wide implications for all of 'online'…

No Anti-BitTorrent Precedent Achieved in Canada

Following comments which suggested that the closure of QuebecTorrent was "a major victory" for the recording industry, we have a statement from the owner of the site to balance things up. The smaller battle against this site is over, the larger one against Canadian BitTorrent sites in general appears unaffected.

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