Founded in 2008. RARBG started out as a Bulgarian tracker.

The torrent site specializes in high quality video releases, but lists other content as well, including games, software and music. It doesn't allow users to upload any torrents.

RARBG is blocked by ISPs in several countries including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Finland and Australia. It has also been tagged as a 'notorious market' by the US trade representative.

The torrent site's most used domain is RARBG.to but it also has several other official domain names, including RARBG.is and RARBGORG.to. There are several RARBG proxy sites as well, but these are not all sanctioned by the site.

RARBG has been listed in our yearly list of most visited torrent sites repeatedly, starting in 2014.

RARBG decided to shut down in May 2023.