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Opera Browser Asked to Blacklist Pirate Sites in “Turbo Mode”

The Opera web browser feature 'Turbo Mode' is designed to speed up browsing. As a side effect, it also bypasses website blocks, something popular with pirates. However, it appears that the company has been in talks to integrate a blacklist which could stop access to blocked domains.

Anti-Piracy Outfits Agree to Strengthen International Cooperation

Government officials and representatives from anti-piracy outfits from the United States, Europe and Russia met up in Brussels this week. The roundtable, “Combating Internet Piracy: International Practice”, focused on the need for international cooperation and the strengthening of copyright legislation.

Russia Blocks 50 VPNs & Anonymizers in Telegram Crackdown, Viber Next

Russian telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor says it's blocked at least 50 VPN and anonymization services as part of its Telegram crackdown. Alongside a suggestion that more blockades are in the pipeline, it's feared that Viber could be next. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Roscomnadzor's chief has stepped down following the carpet-bombing…

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Deface Russian Govt. Site to Protest Web-Blocking (NSFW)

In retaliation for mass blocking that targeted Telegram but caused widespread collateral damage, hackers have hit the website of Russia's Federal Agency for International Cooperation. The attackers, who signed off as 'Anonymous' , left a not-safe-for-work rant criticizing local telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor. Meanwhile, Telegram filed an appeal challanging a Supreme…

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