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Danish ISPs to Fight the Pirate Bay Block

A Danish court has ruled that all Danish ISPs have to deny their users access to The Pirate Bay. Most broadband providers are not too happy with this unbalanced decision, and three of them have already announced that they will take it to the Supreme Court.

Speed Up Movie Availability To Kill Piracy, Says ISP

There are a few ways to reduce the number of people downloading music and movies on the Internet but the most sensible is to provide products at an attractive price and in a timely manner. Swedish ISP Telia certainly sees this as the solution and is currently speaking to the…

ISP Bombarded With 82,000+ Demands to Reveal Alleged Pirates

Scandinavian telecoms operator Telia has revealed how rightsholders are bombarding the company with demands to identify alleged pirates. During the past year alone, Telia has been ordered to hand over personal details relating to more than 82,000 IP addresses, a large proportion of which will go to known copyright trolls.

“We Won’t Block Pirate Bay,” Swedish Telecoms Giant Says

Last week's landmark ruling compelling a Swedish ISP to block The Pirate Bay won't spread quickly, despite copyright holders' wishes. Telecoms giant Telia says that the ruling does not apply to them, so connectivity to the site will continue unless a court orders otherwise. Copyright holders are assessing their options.

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