Speed Up Movie Availability To Kill Piracy, Says ISP

There are a few ways to reduce the number of people downloading music and movies on the Internet but the most sensible is to provide products at an attractive price and in a timely manner.

Swedish ISP Telia certainly sees this as the solution and is currently speaking to the film industry to try and get some agreements in place. Ideally Telia would like to be able to show new movies just 2 weeks after their theatrical release.

“We are convinced that if you could show movies [quickly] on video on demand (VOD), it would curb illegal file sharing,” says Telia’s Patrick Hiselius.

Hiselius rebuffed calls for ISPs to spend more time stopping piracy in other ways.

“We would rather talk about new business models and providing demand than sending warning letters to shut down and block subscribers,” he concludes.

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