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Pirate Blocking Injunctions Could Be Abused, Researchers Say

Researchers at Western Sydney University and King's College London have published a paper comparing various 'pirate' blocking mechanisms around the world. While all have shortcomings, the regime in the UK is highlighted as being open to potential future abuse.

Japan Government Presents Pirate Website Blocking Proposals

Unlike countries in Europe where legislation has already been tested, there is no legal basis in Japan to block 'pirate' websites and the country's constitution forbids censorship. Now, however, the Japanese government has presented a draft report which indicates that blocking websites on copyright grounds should be considered as a…

Pirate Site Blockades Enter Germany With Kinox.to as First Target

Following a complaint from a German movie distribution company, Internet provider Vodafone has been ordered to block subscribers from accessing the popular pirate streaming portal Kinox.to. This is the first pirate site blocking order of its kind in Germany and while it's provisional thus far, it's not likely to stop…

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