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All around the world now, people will be donning tricorner hats, eye patches, and affecting peg-leg walks as they 'Arrr' their way through the day. Yes, Talk Like a Pirate Day is here. We set sail from the Pirate Bay, and caught up with the TlaPD's schooner for a few words with Mark Summers, also known as "Cap'n Slappy"

TorrentFreak: Do you support the aims of the various pirate parties around the world, or not?

Cap’n Slappy: So long as these pirate parties of which ye speak center around the two pillars o’ pirattitude; Rum and Roistering – they have me full support!

TF: Do you feel they’re ‘stealing your thunder’ a little?

CS: Thar be plenty o’ thunder to go around – we’re not greedy! One o’ the charms o’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day is that it doesn’t cost anyone anything! Sure, we sell t-shirts on our site – but there are many other web sites that sell Talk Like a Pirate Day t-shirts and we don’t begrudge ’em that! We put the day out thar for all to play with as they please – so, if they want some thunder, they be more than welcome to whatever they can handle. (We do hope thy buy our books, though.)

TF: Any views on historical parallels between letters of marque and recent RIAA/MPAA actions, such as those regarding the Pirate Bay?

CS: Ye have to understand, I’m an old pirate who has naught but a weak-ass computer-box what can barely download a picture o’ me nephew balancin’ a banana on his nose! So RIAA/MPAA be just letters to me – but a letter o’marque be a nice reminder o’ the ol’ sayin’ “The enemy o’ me enemy be me friend – at least till a better offer comes around.”

TF: How long do you envisage TLAPD going for?

CS: I’m surprised it’s gone on this long! But each year its roots seem to run deeper – I think thar be somethin’ about the pirate personae that resonates with folks. So, I’m thinkin’ it’ll last until 2241. That’s me best guess.

Our thanks to Cap’n Slappy, and happy TLaPD.


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