Arrr, Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 is Here

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Every single day millions of 'pirates' all around the world gather on BitTorrent, but one day in September is extra special. Avast mateys, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day so wear your eye patches and Arrr like you've never Arrred before.

tlapdTalk Like a Pirate Day has been celebrated for more than a decade, both off- and online. Every year on the 19th of September, pirates grab their bottles of rum and start rambling in pirate speak.

TorrentFreak previously had the honor to have a chat with one of the inventors of the International Pirate holiday, Mark Summers, better known as “Cap’n Slappy.” He and his friend John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) first celebrated the holiday back in 1995 and many others have followed their example ever since.

We asked Cap’n Slappy about his political views and to put the MPAA and RIAA witch-hunt against BitTorrent users and sites in a historical perspective.

TorrentFreak: Do you support the aims of the various pirate parties around the world, or not?

Cap’n Slappy: So long as these pirate parties of which ye speak center around the two pillars o’ pirattitude; Rum and Roistering – they have me full support!

TorrentFreak: Any views on historical parallels between letters of marque and recent RIAA/MPAA actions, such as those regarding the Pirate Bay?

Cap’n Slappy: Ye have to understand, I’m an old pirate who has naught but a weak-ass computer-box what can barely download a picture o’ me nephew balancin’ a banana on his nose! So RIAA/MPAA be just letters to me – but a letter o’marque be a nice reminder o’ the ol’ sayin’ “The enemy o’ me enemy be me friend – at least till a better offer comes around.”

For those who are interested in getting involved in the TLAPD events, there is a list of things to do listed on the official website and Mashable has published a ‘how to‘ that may come in handy.

Enjoy your Talk Like a Pirate day, and please celebrate this wonderful holiday in the comment section below.


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