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A federation of video and media outlets has taken out an injunction against a major telecoms company to forbid them from advertising on a BitTorrent site and any other P2P site in the future.

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Arcor, the fixed network operator for Vodafone in Germany has received an injunction forbidding it to advertize on P2P sites in the future.

The injunction was issued by the state court in Frankfurt after the German Association of Video and Media Retailers has complained that Arcor had been advertizing on the BitTorrent tracker, a site it claims is used to facilitate the sharing of movies, tv shows and music.

The court agreed with the complaint and declared that Arcor must stop advertizing on P2P services or face fines in the future.

TorrentFreak spoke to the administrator of the popular BitTorrent site btjunkie, and he said in a response to this news: “Telling companies which web sites they are allowed to advertise on is a big step towards a non-neutral Internet. P2P web sites consist of a hard to reach demographic and blocking companies from accessing that is also a blow to free economic principles.”

Acor stole a few headlines back in September after claims that following pressure from a porn media outlet to clamp down on unauthorized sites, it blocked free porn sites (such as YouPorn) at the router level.


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