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For the first time, a 'cracked' Blu-Ray movie has been uploaded to BitTorrent. And no, it's not that 'Vivid' title that the TWiT hosts seem to be oh so familiar with. It's just the opposite. The first Blu-Ray movie on BitTorrent is the children's animation flick, Ice Age 2.

Blu-ray CrackedWho said toddlers don’t need their hi-def BitTorrent fix? Lesson learnt: It’s not always the porn industry leading the way. Children’s movies and animation films are possibly just as popular, albeit with a younger audience.

We recently reported on the first HD-DVD movie to be leaked onto BitTorrent. Now, the first Blu-Ray title has gone up. Once again, the private BitTorrent tracker,, is where the action’s at. The site lead the way by playing host to the first HD-DVD torrent. Now they can also take credit for serving up the first Blu-Ray torrent.

Slightly larger than the HD-DVD movie, the Ice Age 2 Blu-ray torrent is some 22 GBs. The first HD-DVD torrent, Serenity, was 19.6 GBs.

Here’s a screenshot of the torrent, courtesy of HDTV Blogger.

Ice Age 2 Blu-ray Torrent

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