The Pirate Bay’s Frozen in Time, No New Uploads

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The Pirate Bay appears to be suffering some technical problems. The site's upload functionality has been broken for several days, preventing new torrents from being added to the site. Some Pirate Bay uploaders are eagerly waiting to release new content, but it's unclear when the issues will be resolved.

thepirateThe Pirate Bay has more than its fair share of technical inconveniences. Every other week the site goes down for a few hours, or days, just to reappear as if nothing ever happened.

In recent days many users have noticed some hiccups as well, as TPB’s upload functionality is currently broken. According to the recent uploads page, no new torrents have been added since last weekend.

The last torrent was uploaded on Sunday and the recent torrents page suggests that the problems started just before 7:00 a.m. Central European Time.

After that, things went quiet and the official Pirate Bay status page confirms that no new uploads are coming through. What’s causing the trouble is unknown at the moment.

Recent torrents

Several trusted VIP uploaders have mentioned the problem in the TPB forums. They reportedly see an “Error – File empty” notice on their end, no matter what they try.

These upload issues are not completely new, but it’s been a while since problems have lasted this long.

TPB moderator “workerbee” points people to the status page and confirms that the situation is the same for all.

“Everyone is experiencing the same problem. The situation will be sorted out in due course,” the mod notes.

Seasoned uploaders have weathered quite a few stormy periods on the site, so they might not be bothered too much. However, some are losing patience and are growing more pessimistic by the day.

“Been down since Sat.. for uploads,” VIP uploader psspss2 writes. “TPB sinking ship too many holes.”

Update June 20: New uploads are coming through again after three days. Interestingly, the main domain is inaccessible now, but the Tor version is up.


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