The Pirate Bay’s Mobile Domain Suspended By Registrar

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The Pirate Bay has suffered yet another setback with the suspension of another key domain. was the domain and site layout served to users of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. But now the domain is no more, suspended by its registrar like several more before it.

After many years of virtual stagnation on the development front, during the summer of 2014 The Pirate Bay announced the launch of a new site.

Designed especially for mobile devices, provided a new and clean interface rather than a simply scaled-down version of its existing site.

As can be seen in the image below, the new layout got rid of the clutter and made the site much more easy to navigate on phones and tablets.

The new vs. old mobile look


Since the launch of 18 months ago users of mobile devices have been automatically diverted to this special version of The Pirate Bay. However, this week those diversions faltered and then completely broke down. The reason, once again, is that The Pirate Bay has lost yet another domain.

Like several other Pirate Bay domains in recent months, has been suspended by its registrar. Back in December the site’s .LA, .GD, .MN and .VG domains were all listed as “clienthold” by registrar 1API GmbH, and now has suffered the same fate.


As a result of these fresh domain troubles The Pirate Bay is currently not reachable by visiting Additionally, those visiting can’t access it either, unless they instruct their browsers to access the desktop version of the site instead. Sadly even this has its drawbacks as it’s the old, mobile-unfriendly version of the site that loads.

While mobile users of the site will be variously denied access to the site or simply disappointed by a return to the old layout, the loss of domain will be felt strongly in the UK. For reasons that remain unclear, since its launch The Mobile Bay has not been blocked by UK ISPs, meaning that users have been able to evade the High Court blockade won by rightsholders in 2013.

Considering The Pirate Bay’s standing it’s likely that a copyright holder complaint triggered the suspension of The Mobile Bay, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed.


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