The Puzzling Bram Cohen

Apparently he can solve two Sudoko brainteasers during his 30-minute commute on the ferry between Marin and San Francisco. And he has earned a high score of 320 on Tringo, a combination of Tetris and Bingo.

The San Francisco Chronicle, from BitTorrent’s hometown San Francisco wrote a great piece on Bram Cohen, the founder of BitTorrent.

The SFC asked Bram about a bubble in the “video download business”, and he breaks down the issue piece by piece, just as he would with any puzzle.

“Inevitably, most of these companies are going to tank,” he said. “There just isn’t that much room in the space”.

But the question really is: Is investment in these companies rational? Because the potential payoff due to the inevitable size of the whole industry is huge. So how much video will people be downloading online in the future?

“Well, so let’s say we take all of cable TV and deliver it over (the Internet), which inevitably is going to happen. Then that looks like an awful lot of money. So that’s why the potential is enormous. I don’t really see a bubble going on at all.”

there’s more over here.


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