The RIAA uses KAZAA to Promote Songs

In days of yore, when the corporate record labels wanted air-time for one of their tunes, they’d fire CDs at every DJ and his brother.

But not any more.

That’s because they’ve found a clever, new ‘high tech’ way of getting the music out.

It’s called Kazaa, the self-same p2p file sharing application used by many, if not most, of the 19,000 or so men, women and children the RIAA has singled out as the back-drop for its bizarre RIAA sue ’em all marketing campaign.


“I’ve been informed by more than one source that the major labels have encouraged the use of the very p2p networks they’re villifying,” Ray Beckerman, the New York lawyer who’s representing a number of RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) victims, has told p2pnet.

“Radio DJs have said the record company people who used to drop by with CDs would instead now tell them to get Kazaa, or gnutella or something, and download the song files that way.

“We have numerous affirmative defenses which would be supported by the fact that the RIAA has encouraged the very conduct it’s suing Marie Lindor for,” Beckerman says angrily.

Lindor is the Brooklyn, New York, home health aide who’s being sued by the Big Four Organized Music cartel’s RIAA.

Although she literally doesn’t know one end of a computer from another and has never even turned one on, according to Warner Music, Vivendi Universal, EMI and Sony BMG, she’s been using an “online distribution system” to, “download, distribute, and/or make available for distribution” copyrighted music.

Now Beckerman wants to see just how common the practice of employing the likes of Kazaa as a free corporate p2p promotional vehicle is, asking interested parties to call him at 212-763-6809, or email him here.

Definitely stay tuned.



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