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Be Afraid of BitTorrent, Very, Very Afraid

A new file-sharing service called Rhever is using an interesting tactic to get customers. It appears to be trying to scare users away from BitTorrent and LimeWire, and onto its service. Their promo videos are entertaining, I admit that, but are you scared enough dump torrents and try it? I…

RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue

Despite collecting an estimated several hundred million dollars in P2P related settlements from the likes of Napster, KaZaA and Bolt, prominent artists' managers are complaining that so far, they haven't received any compensation from the labels. According to a lawyer, some are considering legal action.

Texas Child-Beating P2P-Hating Judge Reinstated

About a year ago, many will remember that we featured a story about a Texas Judge. This judge was caught on tape (included at the end), beating his then-16yo Cerebral Palsy suffering daughter back in 2004. The reason for the beating? She used Kazaa to obtain some music. Now, after…

Will BitTorrent Sites Become Obsolete?

Researchers from several Universities are currently working on a search technology that could make BitTorrent sites obsolete. While the idea of a completely decentralized filesharing network is not new, there are some downsides that are often overlooked.

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