Thunderbird Adds Cyberlocker Support

In Hollywood cyberlocker services such as Hotfile, 4Shared, Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload and Putlocker have a bad reputation.

However, to many people these sites are quite useful, for reasons that have nothing to do with piracy.

Since most email services have rather low file-size limits, cyberlockers are often used to replace attachments.

Mozilla realizes this, and therefore they’ve added cyberlocker support to the latest release of the popular Thunderbird email client.

“Improve the speed of sending email and avoid message rejection if the recipient’s server disallows large files. As an added bonus, you’ll also save space in your sent folder and the recipient’s inbox,” they write.

“Rather than embedding attachments in your message, Thunderbird Filelink uploads the file to your private online storage account and inserts a link to the file in your message.”

The Filelink service only supports YouSendIt at the moment, but Mozilla announced that more partners will be added in the future.

Thunderbird’s Filelink



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