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Always wanted to kill some leechers? With Torrent Raiders you can.

“Torrent Raiders players use their Torrent Raider ship, equipped with an array of dazzling projectile weaponry, to search and destroy virtual violators in the torrent swarm”


Torrent Raiders is an arcade-style video game and a dynamic network visualization. Driven in real-time by the activity of bit torrent swarms, Torrent Raiders takes place on the ad-hoc networks created by bit torrent users. Torrent Raiders playfully addresses issues of domestic surveillance, amidst the recent revelation of the Bush administration’s illegal wiretapping and the increasingly Orwellian nature of our so-called “homeland security”. Players take on the role of a government agent tasked with surveilling the ad-hoc networks generated by torrents linked to copyrighted material.

torrent raiders game

A Beta built of the game will be ready January 2007.

Torrent Raiders


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