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After years of hard work we decided to go for a new look here at TorrentFreak. Today we're presenting you TorrentFreak version 5, the first real update of our design in 4 years. There will be plenty of bugs and complaints, so please bear with us.

We have to admit that we don’t like change much here at TorrentFreak. For years we’ve used the same WordPress theme which in 2006 was far ahead of its time, but eventually even we had to cave in and come up with a new design that’s more in line with today’s standards.

With help from the excellent designer Ryan we are now ready to present our new look. It’s totally different from our previous theme, but hopefully recognizable enough for regular readers to feel at home.

In the process we implemented a few changes that will eventually liven up things a bit here. Below are two of the most significant.

1. We now support comment replies.

2. We have a “news bits” section where we will post links to things we’re not covering ourselves. You might even find some of our random musings here, so keep checking back.

We hope that the news bits section will be a useful collection of links, and a good place to discuss topics that are not featured in full TorrentFreak articles. The news bits are excluded from our main RSS feed but you can subscribe to these links through this feed.

We always welcome tips from readers and if you’re a real BitTorrent/P2P/copyright news addict who can contribute on a regular basis, feel free to get in touch with us.

Also, we realize that there might be a few bugs here and there, so please let us know if you spot one, preferably in a descriptive email.

Update: Here’s some stuff we’ll address in the coming days, aside from a few small bugs we will fix soon.

* Next / previous article links will return
* Header will be a bit smaller
* RSS feed should exclude news bits


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