TorrentFreak Turns Six, What Now?

tfNovember 12, 2005, some guy decided to start a blog

(I forgot so this post is a day late).


It was supposed to be a site where I would share some file-sharing related news items and some tips on how to get the most out of BitTorrent.

The first week a few dozen people stumbled upon the site and within a month TorrentFreak had a few hundred readers a day.

It was the start of an addiction for me, one that is still alive and kicking.

Over time TorrentFreak transformed into what it is today. Unique news coupled with a few opinion pieces here and there.

Lots of credit goes out to all the people who sent in tips and comments, and all the people who otherwise contributed to the site (including all the regular authors and guest writers).

Enigmax in particular has been a true companion, one who’s just as dedicated to TorrentFreak as I am, and someone who helped turn the site into what it is today.

Oh, and our ‘sysadmin,’ my hero since early 2006…


It’s been a great ride, one that’s hopefully just starting.


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