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The popular BitTorrent meta-search engine was shutdown a few hours ago due to a DMCA violation. An absurd action because the site never linked to a single .torrent file, it just allowed you to search for torrent files on other BitTorrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Mininova. So how on earth can it cause a DMCA violation?

torrentscanMavol, the owner of was stunned by the action of his hosting company (softlayer), but up until now he didn’t receive any explanation for this bizarre action. To make things even sillier, his other sites like and which are hosted on the same server are also taken down, and those sites aren’t even remotely related to BitTorrent.

Mavol immediately decided to relocate the site to a new server. His friends at were kind enough to help him out for now. It might take some time for the DNS to update, but in the meantime can be accessed here.

Mavol is not the most lucky guy when it comes down to finding a good webhost. Only a few month ago he got screwed over by his (former) webhost who hijacked his domain, and took off. Let’s hope he has more luck with his next webhost, so things can get back to normal soon.

Update: Mavol resolved the dispute with the hosting company, they took the site down for “investigation”, but it’s now back up.


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