Torrentspy passes the 2 million registered users mark

Home > Piracy > passed the 2.000.000 registered users mark today. This is less than a year after the millionth user signed up at Torrentspy. Yet another milestone for the popular BitTorrent search engine that keeps on growing.

A lot of things happened at Torrentspy after they reached the 1 million registered users milestone on December 8th last year. In February the MPAA filed a lawsuit against Torrentspy which caused quite some controversy. However, Torrentspy responded with a “motion to dismiss,” and suggested that the MPAA should sue Google instead.

And then there was this strange story about the “hacker” that was hired by the MPAA to steal confidential information from Torrentspy. Luckily this alleged hacker switched sides later, and decided to help Torrentspy to take on the MPAA instead.

There was more good news. Torrentspy continued to grow, and is, together with Mininova, the most popular BitTorrent search engine on the Internet. Both sites are even in the list of the top 250 most visited websites on the Internet.

And there was of course the complete site redesign, which made Torrentspy even more user friendly for those 2 million registered users.


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