U.S. Anti-Piracy Bill Endangers The Internet

Today the House version of PROTECT IP was made public, and as many feared it is even worse than its predecessor.

Named the E-PARASITES Act, the legislation aims to make it easy for the authorities and copyright holders to shut down sites they deem to ‘facilitate’ copyright infringement.

The problem with the text is that, depending on how it’s interpreted, virtually every website or service on the Internet could become a target.

These targets then risk losing their domain name, access to payment processors, and ISPs can be ordered to block access to these sites if the domain is not under the jurisdiction of the U.S.

Fight For the Future just released the following video that explains the dangers of the new bill. It discusses the senate version, the house version is even worse as Techdirt neatly summarizes.

Fight For the Future also encourages the public to let Congress know that this is going too far.


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