Unfinished Dr. Dre, R.Kelly and 50 Cent Track Hits BitTorrent

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An unreleased and unfinished track produced by Dr. Dre has hit BitTorrent. The track "It Could've Been You" featuring R.Kelly, 50 Cent and upcoming artist Bishop Lamont, is thought to be part of Dre's long-awaited 'Detox' album. It is just over four minutes long in 320k. Dre is said to be "furious".

Dr Dre.After announcing in June 2008 that his long-awaited third album was “coming soon”, many Dr. Dre fans were getting increasingly excited. The album, entitled “Detox”, is the the follow-up to Dre’s six-times platinum-selling album “2001”. Dr. Dre, real name Andre Young, promised a December 2008 release.

Then came disappointment. Dre announced he had ditched plans to release the album in 2008, citing work commitments he had with Eminem’s comeback album “Relapse”. All further work on his own album was delayed until this month.

However, just because he hasn’t finished the album, it doesn’t mean that Dr. Dre is immune to leaks – but perhaps he didn’t expect it to happen in this way.

An unfinished track from the album, entitled “Could Have Been You” has hit BitTorrent. The song, featuring R.Kelly, 50 Cent and upcoming artist Bishop Lamont (who is reportedly ‘missing’ from this version), has started doing the rounds on various sites. Downloads are relatively low at the moment – in their hundreds – but this situation is likely to change quickly. At just over four minutes and in high quality 320k, the track is rough around the edges but most of the vocals seem in place.

According to MTV, Dre’s label Interscope hasn’t yet made a comment, although a source close to the 43 year old producer says that he is furious the track leaked before being completed, with several sites hosting the track already ordered to remove it. With BitTorrent, things aren’t quite so easy. At the moment there are a handful of torrents, but by the end of today there will be dozens.

Chances of Dr. Dre plugging this leak? 0%


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