Unstoppable Internet Pirates: “It’s Us Against The System”

In High Court proceedings between the MPA and ISP BT this week, the MPA made their position clear. The Hollywood group wants Usenet indexing site Newzbin2 blocked at the ISP level, but BT think that’s a step too far.

Now MusicWeek have published some comments on the case from Gregor Pryor, a partner at law firm Reed Smith. With more than 1,600 lawyers turning over around $1 billion per annum, this company is no bit-part player so the views from Pryor are of huge interest.

“This feels all a bit 2001,” says Reed on the MPA’s legal action.

“In the absence of a DEA, no matter how many illegal sites are blocked, others will open in their place. And, with an explosion of hacking and security breaches it is clear to see that even if the MPA win this case they will lose.”

Pryor is an advisor on intellectual property rights, not only to film, television and other production companies, but also to record labels and music publishers. In short, when it comes to piracy issues, he knows what he’s talking about.

“The current mentality of internet users is ‘Us versus The System’ and if this prevails then no amount of litigation will be able to stop piracy sites from popping up,” Pryor concludes.

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