Vista RTM Leaked on BitTorrent

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Not a big surprise perhaps, but Microsoft's Windows Vista RTM has been leaked on BitTorrent and several other P2P networks. The Vista RTM (Build 6000) is the result of a rather lengthy development process.

vista rtm leakThe leaked RTM version is called “Microsoft Windows Vista Final BillGates,” which is a copy of the release that was sent out to manufacturing companies three days ago.

Co-president of Microsoft’s platforms and services division, Jim Allchin called the Vista RTM (release to manufacturing) a ‘significant milestone’.

The RTM signifies the next phase for Windows Vista: our development work is done and now the progress begins for the PC and device manufacturers and software developers to finalize the work on their products and applications.

Microsoft has had some issues before with BitTorrent. In June they released a freely available Beta version of Windows Vista. Microsoft said that this was probably one of the largest download operations ever, they even had to limit the available bandwidth to “prevent the Internet from collapsing.

Several people (e.g. and thought this would be an ideal opportunity to release a torrent in order to save Microsoft some bandwidth, but Microsoft said that there were “legal and privacy issues which unfortunately make that not an option for Microsoft to officially sponsor a BitTorrent.”


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