Vuze Debuts Chromecast-Compatible Android Torrent Client

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Azureus Software has just launched a brand new version of its Vuze Torrent Downloader. The latest version of the lightweight Android torrent client delivers Chromecast functionality, enabling content to be shifted effortlessly from small to big screens. The Chromecast addition is a first for an Android-based client.

chromecastYears ago, obtaining content and then deciding it might be better viewed on another device presented obstacles for the average torrent downloader.

The first option, of watching the content on the machine it had been downloaded to, was clearly the easiest. Those (often Xvid) files could also be copied to CD or DVD for transferring to another machine, such as a laptop for example.

Those wanting to shift that content to a larger screen either needed to download DVD compatible files in the first place, or expend time and processing power to encode video into DVD format. Neither was ideal – one took too long to transfer while the other took too long to encode.

These days things are much more streamlined and thanks to Google’s innovative Chromecast device, shifting content from small to big screen is easier than ever before. The cost-friendly stick can be plugged into any TV HDMI port and have content streamed or ‘cast’ to it from compatible hardware and software.

The latest company to support Chromecast is torrent client developer Azureus Software, the company behind the popular Vuze client. In addition to powerful Windows, OSX and Linux desktop versions, Azureus also offers Vuze Torrent Downloader, a lightweight client for the Android platform.

vuzefrogAvailable for free from the Play Store, Vuze Torrent Downloader has all the features the mobile downloader needs, such as magnet link support and torrent searching from within the app. The new 1.6 version adds full Chromecast support, enabling content to be downloaded on tablets and phones and then streamed or “cast” to a TV or large screen.

“We’re excited to piggyback on the rapid growth of Google’s Chromecast product and contribute to the expanding ecosystem of devices and content available today,” explains Vuze General Manager Claude Tolbert.

“The new Vuze app makes it to simple to tap, share and stream torrent files on a larger screen along with better sound systems in a comfortable and convenient setting.”

As expected, torrents streamed to Chromecast from within Vuze can be controlled from the application’s interface using familiar pause, resume and skip functions.

Finally, Tolbert notes that Google has reported more than 400 million “cast” clicks since it launched Chromecast in 2013, an indication of the platform’s popularity in today’s multi-device world.

“People have adopted streaming as a form of new technology. By integrating Chromecast functionality into Vuze Torrent Downloader we’re able to help bridge what people want with relevant functionality in our Vuze app. It just makes sense,” Tolbert concludes.

Vuze Torrent Downloader can be obtained here.


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