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Some might say it's theft to reuse use copyrighted work, others encourage it because it facilitates creativity. One way or another, the result can be great.

wafeek lip serviceThe “Lip Service” mixtape is Wafeek’s first album. The MC / Lyricist from Los Angeles got his beats through P2P services like Limewire and Youtube without consent of the copyright owners.

Wafeek says he does it for the streets, freeks and geeks. On the Lip Service Mixtape he deals with sadness, sex, silliness, struggle, stereotypes & spirituality. On this weeks podcast we already played “Boppin’ Yo’ Momma” where Wafeek spits his lyrics on the beats of the Triple Six classic “Poppin’ my Collar”. Hip-Hop and Rap fans really need to check this one out before the cease and desist letters are rolling in.

The most talked about album when it comes to using unauthorized work is probably The Grey album by DJ Dangermouse. The Grey album is a mash-up of the Beatles’ White Album with Jay-Z’s Black Album

DJ Dangermouse received a “cease-and-desist” letter from EMI, the copyright holder of the White Album, soon after the Grey Album was released. Although EMI later admitted that the album did no harm to the sales of the original album by the Beatles, they are still committed to prevent unauthorized mash-ups.

More unauthorized music can be found on BannedMusic. The “Lip Service” mixtape can be downloaded here.


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