Warcraft III Documentary Arrives on BitTorrent

For a global release to the file-sharing public, the makers of the Warcraft III documentary teamed up with VODO -the independent BitTorrent distribution platform – and BitTorrent Inc.

Beyond the Game primarily revolves around Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, and prominently features world champion players Chinese Xiaofeng Li (Sky), Dutch Manuel Schenkhuizen (Grubby) & Swede Fredrik Johansson (MaDFroG).

“Beyond the Game is an intense documentary film about the world of gaming, with many elements to resonate with our digitally-sophisticated community,” said Shahi Ghanem, chief strategist at BitTorrent Inc.

“As we continue to build out our technology ecosystem of software, content and devices, we’re excited to help vanguard artists connect with our massive user base, access their home entertainment set-ups and build new media distribution models,” he added.

beyond the game

The makers of the film are equally happy with the opportunity to promote their work with support from VODO and BitTorrent Inc.

“We are glad to team with BitTorrent, VODO, and fans worldwide to bring the film to a worldwide audience,” says Ray Privett of Cinema Purgatorio. “BitTorrent is an extremely important new distribution partner for releasing films. They are another link in the chain of companies that have facilitated film distribution, like express shipping organizations, and new, more economical film and video stock manufacturers.

“Cinema Purgatorio is excited to team with BitTorrent and with VODO to find distribution solutions that reach broadband audiences – as with the free downloads – while also reaching the still large and significant audience of people who cherish physical DVDs or for whom this is still the best method to see a film. This hybrid strategy is integral to Cinema Purgatorio’s methods.”

Those whose interest is peaked can download Beyond The Game on VODO. And don’t forget to donate if you like what you see.


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