World Leaders Discuss Piracy

The world leaders are discussing todays world threatening problems at the G8 summit in Petersburg. They talk about the escalating situation in the Middle East, nuclear terrorism and… the war on piracy.

g8 summit petersburg

The leaders of Britain, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the United States agreed to combat piracy. Among other points they state:

Combating trade in pirated and counterfeit products is a complex problem which assumes, in the context of globalization, a transborder character, and can only be solved through individual and joint efforts by all nations and relevant international organizations. In that regard, we note the usefulness of international congresses and workshops devoted to effective protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

In the meanwhile the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) asked Margaret Beckett, Britain’s Foreign Secretary to urge Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, to do something about the music download website AllofMP3“>

However, the problem is that is handling in accordance with Russia’s laws.

It is unclear if Putin considers taking down, but he did make a public statement about Iran’s nuclear program, the situation in the Middle East, and on the Korean Peninsula.


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