XBTIT: Bringing BitTorrent Tracker Ownership Within Reach

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The decision to become an administrator of a BitTorrent tracker can be a difficult one. Even if one puts aside the issues surrounding legality in certain countries, to the inexperienced there's a technical mountain to climb. Thanks to XBTIT team, the mountain has eased to a small incline, bringing tracker ownership within reach of BitTorrent enthusiasts.

To the novice, setting up a BitTorrent tracker is a hugely complex task. Within minutes of making the decision to even attempt such a thing, it becomes crystal clear that without specialist coding knowledge the project is doomed to fail, probably before it even starts. In order for BitTorrent tracker ownership to be accessible to all, the technical roadblocks need to be overcome.

The team behind XBTIT (previously BTiTracker) are hoping to achieve just that with their latest beta version.

XBTIT enables potential site administrators to quickly and easily set up their own BitTorrent tracker, something that was previously only available to people with some coding skills.

In order to make the process as user-friendly as possible, the team are offering some major upgrades and features:

Optional SMF Forum Integration

SMF is a fully featured bulletin board system which is very easy to set up. Downloaded and installed separately, user accounts are fully integrated with XBTIT after installation so there is no need for multiple log ins.

Optional XBT Tracker Integration

XBT Tracker is a BitTorrent tracker written in C++. The advantages of using this is that you can have many more peers than a traditional PHP based tracker while consuming very few resources on your server, making ownership of a very large tracker a reality.

One Click Hack/Modification Installation

All the best trackers have great modifications designed to bring additional functionality to the site. However, installing these can still be quite a task for the experienced – and absolutely mind-blowing for the novice. XBTIT offers One-Click-Hack which means no more having to hack away at lines of code to install the latest modifications for your tracker. An automated system for hack installation is included which is great news for the novice.

Fully Customizable Template System

This means there is no requirement to hack away at code to change the look of your site. Templates are now totally separate from the tracker source so it’s possible to tinker with the look of the site without worrying about breaking anything. New templates will be available with the final version of the software.

Updated Installation Routine

The new installation routine takes care of everything that previously had to be done by hand, saving much time when installing a new tracker.

The XBTIT team told us they are proud to be leading the way with what they believe is the most customizable and accessible tracker to date, and they are inviting any interested TorrentFreak readers to apply for beta testing at www.btiteam.org


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