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Our server took some terrible beats over the past few hours. Was it Harry Potter's magic spell? Or perhaps our anti-piracy friends?

We can’t really give a definite answer right now but the good news is that we’re back in action (more or less).

Thank you for all the concerned and supportive e-mails we received. We could still have some downtime later today, but let’s hope we’ve had the worst of it.

Thanks for waiting.

update: A few minutes ago we received an anonymous e-mail from a “Harry Potter” fan who threatened to take down TorrentFreak if we didn’t remove our article about the leak of of “Deathly Hallows” (apparently afraid of spoilers, feel free to laugh).

He claims (with an army of Potter fanboys) to be responsible for the “attack” on our servers. Of course we don’t negotiate with terrorists! Besides that, I doubt that he’s really behind it.

update: On a sidenote, J.K. Rowling’s lawyers asked us to take down our Harry Potter leak article. Pretty strange because it is just a news post mainstream media like The New York Times, CNET, The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal also posted articles about the leak after we broke the news.

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