Your Face is a Saxophone, A New BitTorrent Powered Animated Series

Increasingly, content producers are adopting BitTorrent as a distribution platform. Zacqary Adam Green is one of the people involved in such a project, and he wantes to bring it to the attention of TorrentFreak’s readers.

“My team and I just released the pilot episode of Your Face is a Saxophone, an animated series about the advertising industry and people with inanimate objects for heads. It’s free to share, copy, modify, and released under Kopimi with CC-BY in the fine print, in case some paranoid lawyer wants something legally binding.”

“In addition to streaming it on YouTube, we’ve made it available on BitTorrent.”

“We’re taking a similar route to Pioneer One and raising money through Kickstarter to produce a full season. The difference between us and Pioneer One, of course, is that we’ve only started funding after finishing a whole pilot.”

More information is available at


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