Student Hit With $675,000 Fine in RIAA File-Sharing Case

Joel Tenenbaum has lost his trial against the RIAA and was ordered to pay $22,500 for each of the 30 songs he shared via Kazaa. Tenenbaum, who pleaded guilty to downloading and sharing files earlier this week, will be left paying off the $675,000 to the music labels for the…

Napster’s $10 Million Bid for The Pirate Bay Rejected

Global Gaming Factory (GGF), the company planning to acquire The Pirate Bay, has received a bid of $10 million from John Fanning, the former Napster CEO and uncle of its founder, Shawn. Other interested parties have contacted GGF in recent weeks, but thus far, they have all had their multi-million…

Italian RIAA Sues The Pirate Bay For 1 Million Euros

Lawyers from FIMI (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana) and FPM (Federation against Musical Piracy) say they will sue Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm in Italy, seeking damages in excess of 1 million euros. Their lawyer told TorrentFreak that so far, the prospective defendants have had no official notification.

The Pirate Bay Ordered To Close In The Netherlands

The Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN has won its court case against The Pirate Bay. The Amsterdam court today ruled that the site must cease all operations in The Netherlands within 10 days, or else pay penalties of 30,000 euros ($42,300) a person, per day.

Dutch Court Refuses To Inform Pirate Bay Defendant

Today, the verdict in the court case between the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN and The Pirate Bay is due. Being one of the defendants, Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde is interested in the outcome of the case, and asked the court for a copy. However, the court refused to do…

GGF: Pirate Bay Purchase Will Happen August 27

Despite the departure of ex-Grokster CEO Wayne Rosso and mounting doubts that Global Gaming Factory can raise funding to purchase and then legalize The Pirate Bay, the company is adamant. GGF CEO Hans Pandeya says everything is on schedule, the investors are in place and the purchase will go ahead…

BitTorrent Behind the Scenes: isoHunt

In our 'behind the scenes' series TorrentFreak tries to peel away some of the mystery surrounding BitTorrent sites and the people who run them. This time we feature the workspace of isoHunt founder Gary Fung, who also shares some details and photographs of the site's server rack.

Italy’s Most Prominent BitTorrent Site Hacked

TNT Village, Italy's most prominent torrent site has been compromised by hackers. Intimate details of the site's operations including 50,000 usernames, passwords and email addresses have been leaked out onto the Internet. The site has taken precautionary measures but concerned users should change their passwords immediately.