Inside the MPAA, Netflix & Amazon Global Anti-Piracy Alliance

Back in June, MPAA, Amazon, Netflix, CBS, HBO, BBC, Sky, Bell Canada, CBS, Hulu, Lionsgate, Foxtel, Village Roadshow, and many more, revealed the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, a brand new initiative to tackle piracy on a global scale. Today, TorrentFreak can reveal the deal behind this massive operation.

Can an Army of Bitcoin “Bounty Hunters” Deter Pirates?


Anti-piracy organizations have come up with a wide variety of measures to combat copyright infringement over the years, with varying results. Enlisting the public to track down pirates in exchange for Bitcoin bounties is one of the more exotic ways, but according to eBook publisher Erudition, it's a great way to tackle this growing problem. And they're not alone.

Kodi ‘Trademark Troll’ Has Interesting Views on Co-Opting Other People’s Work


Last week, the developers of Kodi revealed that Geoff Gavora, someone unconnected with the project, had registered the Kodi trademark in Canada. Surprisingly, it appears that Gavora's Kodi business involves the promotion and distribution of addons that are banned by Kodi itself for supplying infringing content. But that isn't the only thing interesting about this entrepreneur.

UK Copyright Trolls Cite Hopeless Case to Make People Pay Up

A copyright troll outfit in the UK, which has been trying to extract payments from alleged pirates for years, is having another bite at the cherry. Golden Eye International is writing to people who previously refused to pay up, citing a separate case in which an individual agreed to pay them £1000 after a court battle. But, as always, the company is only revealing half the story.

BREIN Tracks Down and Settles With “Libra Release Team”


BREIN has booked another victory against a group of prolific uploaders. The Hollywood backed organization signed settlements with two people connected to the "Libra Release Team." The group in question shared hundreds of infringing movies and TV-shows on torrent and Usenet sites, focusing on the Dutch market.