Blizzard Nukes Popular HTML5 Version of StarCraft Game


Blizzard has taken down a browser-based version of the classic game StarCraft, citing multiple copyright infringements. The game and dozens of forks were hosted on GitHub for less than a month. The developer said he created the HTML5 game because he loves Blizzard and StarCraft, but the feeling clearly isn't…

Slamdance Festival Co-Founder Has Creative Views on Piracy


Dan Mirvish is an American filmmaker and co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival. While frustrated over piracy of his latest movie, Mirvish holds some interesting opinions on how the phenomenon can be tackled, including capitalizing on pirate activities to sell merchandise and finding other ways to make filmmaking pay.

KickassTorrents Warns Users of “Malicious” Copycats


KickassTorrents, the largest torrent site on the Internet, is warning its users to be vigilant in order to avoid scammy and malicious copycats. The KAT teams says that many impostors are stealing the site's design and misleading the public for nefarious purposes. The team adds that they plan to take…

Megaupload Defendants Don’t Need Expert Witnesses, U.S. Argues

Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload co-defendants don't need to hire expert witnesses in the United States, the U.S. government argued today. Refuting claims that around $500,000 is needed to mount a proper extradition defense, the Crown prosecutor argued that incriminating admissions could not be trumped by technical know-how.

Large Movie Distributor Grabs Popcorn Time Trademark

Dutch Filmworks, a large movie distributor based in the Netherlands, has successfully registered the logo and word trademarks for Popcorn Time. The company used Popcorn Time's official logo for the application. Dutch Filmworks' doesn't plan to actively enforce the trademarks, but says they may play a role in future anti-piracy…

Rightscorp Granted Australian Patent to Chase Pirates

Rightscorp has been awarded a patent by the Australian Patent Office which should protect it from competitors looking to muscle in on its business model Down Under. The patent protects a system which helps Rightscorp identify repeat infringers, individuals it is now targeting in the United States with settlement demands…

New York Judge Puts Brakes on Copyright Troll Subpoenas

A judge in New York has placed dozens of Malibu Media subpoenas on hold after serious questions were raised about the nature of the copyright infringement cases. A motion to quash filed by a defendant claims that the methods used to identify infringers are suspect and Malibu Media is engaged…