Disney Asks Google to Remove Its Own (Invisible) Takedown Notices


In an apparent attempt at self-censorship, the Walt Disney Company has asked Google to remove a copy of its own takedown notices from search results. While the targeted page contains links to Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," the request is rather pointless as the URL was not indexed by Google to begin with.

Comodo DNS Blocks TorrentFreak Over “Hacking and Warez “


At TorrentFreak, we write about website blocking on a weekly basis, but it's not often that we are the target ourselves. This week we are, as major computer security vendor Comodo has decided to block direct access to our site, claiming that we might offer illegal access to copyrighted software or media. Interestingly. Comodo's DNS blocking doesn't prevent users from accessing The Pirate Bay and other known pirate sites.

Court Orders Google to Remove Links to Takedown Notice


A German Court has ordered Google to stop linking to a takedown notice received by the company. The search engine regularly publishes links to takedown notices to increase transparency, but the court ruled that this can go too far. The case in question deals with defamation, but many copyright holders who've complained about Google's "transparency" efforts will likely welcome the order.