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Allpeers is a P2P extension for Firefox that allows you to share pictures, music, and movies via BitTorrent. There's no interface to download "normal" torrents yet, but this may change now AllPeers decoded to go open-source.

allpeersAllPeers announced today that it will open up its source code. On the AllPeers blog we read:

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve opened up the source code for AllPeers to other software developers. We hope that this will encourage developers to join our community, help us to improve our code and create their own applications on top of our platform.”

There is documentation available on how to hack the extension, at the AllPeers developer site. This is good news, we could definitely use some lightweight AllPeers spinoffs, for people who do not need social stuff, and buddy lists.

AllPeers recently added an encrypted chat feature and other social features but is behind on .torrent support. However, is not the only BitTorrent extension for Firefox anymore, they can expect some serious competition from BitFox, the other open-source extension and FoxTorrent, “Bram Cohen’s worst nightmare”.


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