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Last week TorrentFreak wrote a review on "allpeers", the BitTorrent extension for firefox. Today allpeers will go live with a public beta!

allpeersOn the allpeers blog we read:

In a few hours AllPeers is going to be released in the wild after 5 months of private testing. We did not invite all the testers during that phase but rest assured the remaining one will receive an email when the application is available.

Allpeers allows you to add friends to your buddy list, and share files with these people via BitTorrent. There’s no interface to download “regular” torrents yet, but Matthew form allpeers told TorrentFreak that this will change in the near future.

Actually we already support standard torrents. We haven’t added a user interface for this yet because: a) there a still a couple of issues we want to iron out and b) we still want to add features that make it competitive with leading BitTorrent clients (such as the ability to turn on/off individual files in a torrent).

You can take a look at the allpeers features over here to see what all the fuss is about. And take a look at the interview we did last week, if you’re interested in their future plans.

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