Another Dutch Torrent Site Taken Down

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Most of the world's largest and most important BitTorrent trackers are situated in The Netherlands, so you would expect that if anyone would be a target of Dutch anti-piracy oufit BREIN, they would. Wrong. BREIN has a long record of ignoring the heavyweights and picking on the little guy. Their latest target is, a tiny BitTorrent tracker few will have heard of.

BREIN proudly announced that they have taken down another BitTorrent site. Initially the administrator of ignored BREIN and refused to take the site offline. However, after BREIN contacted the hosting provider of, the administrator caved in and took the site down. BREIN said that they are likely to demand $175.000 compensation, in order to cover the damages and expenses.

Over the past years BREIN managed to shut down 131 sites that offered links to copyrighted content. Most of these sites were smaller BitTorrent sites, hosted on free hosting accounts or on a server box connected to a private DSL line.

You might wonder why BREIN is only picking on these smaller guys? Well, the answer is pretty simple, their intimidation tactics will not impress the larger torrent sites. Most of the larger BitTorrent sites and trackers have decent lawyers, and so far BREIN doesn’t have a strong case in court because BitTorrent sites are simply NOT illegal in The Netherlands.


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