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DRM is doomed to fail. Unfortunately, the majority of the movie companies and record labels still think it's the best way to "protect" their media. By wearing these shirts you can show them it's not and that it only hinders honest customers.

The contest turned out to be a great success. Nearly 50 designs were submitted and over 10,000 people picked their favorite during the voting round last month.

We’re happy to (finally) announce the winning designs. If you’d like to wear one of these high quality shirts, just click on your favorite design.


The winning design titled “The Content of This T-Shirt Could Not Be Displayed” is from Mark Lindhout. In little over a week this design received 1608 votes. Congratulations with your $250 prize Mark!

anti drm tee shirt contest design

With 888 votes Adam Cooke ended in second place with his “DRM, It Just Doesn’t Work” design. Congratulations with your $100 prize Adam! This shirt is available in black and white.


anti drm tee shirt contest design

The third place is again for Mark Lindhout, this time for “DRM, No one Admitted”. This one received 838 votes. You’re a lucky guy Mark, another $50 is coming your way.


anti drm tee shirt contest design

The T-Shirts can be ordered at Beautiful Crime. They are sold for 12 UK pounds ($24) and will be shipped worldwide. The designs are screenprinted on 100% copyright free cotton.

We don’t make any money from this so don’t order a tee just to support us. Setting up the screens is expensive and premium quality shirts are not cheap either, that’s why the price is higher than we initially aimed for ($15). If you want to print your own shirt you can contact us for the source files for the shirts.

We hope you’ll all buy a shirt to show that DRM is not the way to go. If you have further questions you can send me an email.


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