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Trojan/Erazer-A is a new trojan that spreads through P2P networks. Apart from infecting your pc with malware and disabling anti-virus applications, it also actively deletes music, video's and pictures from "shared folders', used by p2p applications.


First the MPAA’s DVD sniffing dogs, now a trojan that’s targeting P2P content. Although the creators of the trojan are unknown until now, my guess is that the MPAA will be quite delighted.

Graham Cluley of Sophos, the company that discovered the virus, commented:

“The Erazer Trojan is a vigilante worthy of a Charles Bronson movie, taking the law into its own hands. However, it’s perfectly possible for the Trojan to aim poorly and wipe out innocent files too”.

As far as I know BitTorrent is safe, for now.


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